Bernert: S.F. Or Bust

Bam! principal David Bernert said last week he has left the Austin, Texas, agency to seek opportunities back in San Francisco.
Bernert, who plans a three-month sabbatical, said he sold his stake in the two-year-old agency to co-founder and partner Mike Bevil.
“I’ve been kind of wanting to get back to the left coast for quite a while,” said Bernert, who is considering both client and agency offers. Bernert fulfilled strategic planning duties alongside Bevil’s creative work at both Bam! and Austin agency T3 since 1995.
Bevil could not be reached for comment. A representative for core client Micron Electronics said the company will continue to utilize Bam! for its strategic planning and creative assignments.
Bernert was formerly with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco, working on the Sega video game account. He later worked at The Richards Group here.
Micron creative director Mike Rosenfelt said the company is on track to launch its $20 million fall image campaign. He credited Bevil with most of the strategy and creative branding work.
Bam!, formed in 1996, quickly delved into PC hardware and program consumer marketing, gaining accounts from Power Computing, Motorola, Akia Computers and Bungie Software.
None of the PC accounts lasted long at Bam!, due to industry instability. Both Power Computing and Motorola’s Macintosh-compatible lines crashed when Apple quit licensing its operating system to clone builders. Bam! resigned Japan-based Akia Computers as domestic marketing support dwindled in the face of the Asian economic crisis.
The Power Computing relationship paid dividends when most of its former top management, including chief executive officer Joel Kocher, were hired by Micron Electronics earlier this year. That company then contracted Bam! in March.