Beijing Taps H&K for Global Chores

BEIJING The Information Office of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government has signed WPP Group’s Hill & Knowlton to provide global media and communications counseling.

This is the first time the office has engaged an international PR firm for ongoing services.

As part of the deal, Hill & Knowlton will monitor international opinions about the city, provide communications planning and help strengthen the city’s standing with international media and organizations.

Wang Hui, director of the information office of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, praised the professional services of Hill & Knowlton, led by svp Frances Sun.

She said the agency’s handling of the Beijing Olympic Games was a major factor in its appointment.

“It’s important that China’s capital continues to enhance its image globally and we believe Hill & Knowlton has demonstrated the commitment, values and expertise to help the city achieve its goals,” Wang said in a statement.

John Holden, managing director of Hill & Knowlton Beijing, said the PR company was honored that the Beijing Municipality retained Hill & Knowlton for this assignment.

“The appointment reaffirms the advantages that a global communications network has in assisting governments and corporations alike.
“This is another milestone in the history of Hill & Knowlton in China; we were the first to enter China 25 years ago and we remain a pioneer in the industry,” he said.

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