Behind The Scenes

DeVito/Verdi in New York has recorded more than 23 radio spots for the National Association of Broadcasters, all featuring either established stars such as Alicia Keys, Slash and Ludacris, or up-and-coming bands like the Bravery, talking about the merits of radio. That star wattage has meant some serious traveling time for DeVito/Verdi staffers, who basically grab the musicians whenever they have a free moment. “It’s very challenging, but very fun,” says shop president Ellis Verdi. Slash, for example, recorded his spot in his Hummer in Los Angeles. Hoobastank recorded its spot right before the band took the stage for a concert at Roseland Ballroom in New York. Artists donate their time but enjoy doing the spots to support radio, Verdi says. “It’s great working with the stars because they love these spots.”