bear hug

The bearish economy had nothing to do with Haselow Marketing Communications’ holiday gift this year.

But the agency’s choice proved apt in ways not initially intended.

Each holiday season, the Cleveland shop sends out a different bell to clients and friends. In the past few years, the bell’s design was tied to a charity. For example, last year’s bird-shaped bell linked with a donation to the Audubon Society.

After 12 years, the task of picking a bell is becoming a bit of a chore. “You have no idea how difficult it is to find a different bell ever year,” said John Haselow, the agency’s president.

This year, a bell-ringing bear was settled upon. “It just happened that that was the best bell available,” said Haselow.

A call was placed to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s Adopt an Animal program. “They had a polar bear that didn’t quite fit,” Haslow said. But two grisly bears, Warren and Lester, were also available.

A payment was made, and for the next year a plaque outside the bears’ home will carry the name of Haselow Marketing.