BBD&S Puts A Face To The News

CHICAGO-Bender, Browning, Dolby & Sanderson is giving the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel a down-to-earth personality by profiling three of the newspaper’s employees.
Three TV spots that broke last week, initially in 60-second executions, continue a campaign begun in January, themed “If it happens. It’s here.”
While the agency’s earlier efforts sought to build public trust in the employee-owned newspaper, which was formed through the 1995 merger of the city’s morning and afternoon dailies, this second wave of ads takes a different approach.
“First we needed to make people aware of the relevance of the Journal Sentinel to their lives,” said Steven Wold, BBD&S creative director. “Now we want to demonstrate that the paper is staffed by people you know, by people next door.”
The unscripted spots feature, separately, a veteran pressman, a reporter and “Nancy,” a delivery woman whose dogs pull the wagon on her early-morning route. The pressman, “Bob,” says he thinks people will not only like the paper but, as a bonus, “have something to wrap your garbage in.”
“In focus groups, people who said they didn’t like the paper couldn’t say why,” Wold said. “Bob’s comment was great because we’ve pushed the paper to be a little self-effacing to connect [with its readers].”