BBDO’s Pepsi Rap Tops Coke’s Rock ‘n’ Roll

NEW YORK BBDO rolled out a Pepsi Vanilla television spot this week that pits a Pepsi Vanilla delivery truck driver against a Vanilla Coke counterpart.

In the commercial from the New York shop, a Pepsi Vanilla truck pulls up next to a parked Vanilla Coke vehicle. The drivers exchange polite nods before the Coke driver turns up the classic rock tunes playing in his cab. He casts a competitive look at the Pepsi driver, who waves and takes a sip of his Pepsi Vanilla. Up rolls the Pepsi truck’s side doors, revealing gigantic speakers. Chrome rims and step boards emerge and the truck bounces up and down as hip-hop music drowns out the Coke driver’s rock. Crowds of young people gather, cheering and dancing alongside the Pepsi truck.

The voiceover says, “There’s a new vanilla in town. Introducing Pepsi Vanilla. The perfect blend of cola and vanilla … that’s not so vanilla.”

The Pepsi driver pulls away from the stoplight, leaving the Coke driver parked at the curb. The Vanilla Coke driver exclaims, “That was awesome.”

The spot, which targets teens and adults, says, “We’re the brand with the personality and we’re the one that’s a little bit more fun,” said Pepsi representative Dave DeCecco. A second BBDO spot will air at the end of August and again “takes a friendly jab at our rival.”

The BBDO effort will also include print and outdoor support. Tribal DDB in New York and Dallas has created online ads. Pepsi Vanilla will be the main sponsor of the National Football League Kickoff event on Sept. 4, DeCecco said.

Spending on the launch was undisclosed, but Coke spent about $25 million on Vanilla Coke in 2002, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.