BBDO Wraps Aquafina in Bubbles

NEW YORK In order to make a splash with its Sparkling line of Aquafina products, BBDO created a print execution using bubble wrap to convey the product’s attributes.

An insert in the April 25 edition of People shows the Aquafina Sparkling bottle, flanked by Aquafina Sparkling Lemon, with actual bubble wrap representing the plastic of the bottle. Copy reads, “Introducing Aquafina Sparkling. The newest member of the Aquafina family and a great way to drink to your health. Make your body happy. Drink more water.”

“The one thing that’s really different about the product is that it has bubbles, and we wanted to communicate bubbles in a fun way, said BBDO art director Melinda Ward.

The most difficult task in creating the magazine insert was finding the right bubble wrap to use, according to the New York agency. The entire production process took six months.

“They had to run binding tests to make sure the ad would go through the magazine binder,” Ward explained.

Bill Bruce is executive creative director on Aquafina. Kevin Tenglin wrote the copy, Anik Burns served as art producer, and Kelly Harden was print producer on the project.