BBDO Freshens FedEx’s ‘Relax’ Campaign

NEW YORK FedEx will bring its “Relax, it’s FedEx” campaign into the new year with six 30-second spots that feature the company’s international, ground, FedEx Kinko’s, and express delivery services.

The TV effort, via Omnicom Group’s BBDO in New York, will break during the Bowl Championship Series beginning Jan. 1. The Memphis, Tenn.-based company spends about $90 million per year on domestic ads, per TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.

The spots are “Wrong,” “Job Counselor,” “Shower,” “Tom,” “Bus” and “Sweeps.” In “Wrong,” a guy is chastised by his co-workers for being a source of misinformation. “Steely Dan is not one person,” berates one guy. “We get fringe benefits, not French benefits, it’s not the Leaning Tower of Pizza, and James Dean was an actor—Jimmy Dean makes sausages.” The guy is then told that he’s wrong by thinking that FedEx ground is too expensive. “So we don’t get French benefits?” he replies.

In “Job Counselor,” a man in the human resources department interviews a pirate for a job. “No other experience, you have an eye patch, a parrot on your shoulder, and you only say ‘Aarrrggg.'” The pirate replies, “Aarrrggg.” The HR guy has a job for him with the company’s shipping department. They use, which is so easy that anyone can handle it. “Aarrrggg,” the pirate replies. “Shower,” for FedEx Kinko, sees a group of execs meeting in the men’s room shower because the boss always gets his best ideas at home while showering.

“Tom” features the world’s most inept employee who can still get vital documents to China using FedEx international. “Bus” follows a group of employees on a bus ride that takes hours to reach its destination, the boss’ ranch, where they have gathered for a brainstorming session. They sit down and the boss asks for new ideas to help the company. One woman explains the benefits of FedEx; the boss smiles and says, “Thanks for coming.” Moments later, the bewildered employees are back on the bus for the long ride home. “Sweeps” uses special effects to connect FedEx international services with chimney sweeps, who at one point are seen with coal shooting out of their mouths.