batter up

You can take the Dodger fan out of the stadium, but you can’t take the stadium out of the fan–or so WongDoody would have you believe in a new campaign for the Los Angeles baseball team.
Several Candid Camera-style TV spots capture the reactions of unsuspecting bystanders as a die-hard Dodger fan does the wave at a bus stop and heckles a deli patron as though she were a batter. Following the fan’s antics, the words “You have to be there” appear onscreen.
Tracy Wong, creative director at the Los Angeles agency, said the “guerrilla video” spots are designed to “sell the experience” of a Dodger game to the occasional fan.
The campaign also includes print, radio, outdoor and in-stadium components, and will run throughout the baseball season. It marks a departure from much sports advertising, placing the focus on the fan instead of the athlete–a technique designed to appeal to those who would rather rattle off hot dog orders than player stats.
–Alexandra Sarto