Baseball Tries Different Game

NEW YORK Even baseball is going to advertise on the Super Bowl.

World Baseball Classic Inc. said it would run a 30-second spot in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XL to promote its first World Baseball Classic taking place next month in venues around the globe.

Seven Major League Baseball players appear in the spot, showing which countries they will represent in the tournament. For example, Derek Jeter will play for the United States and Mike Piazza will represent Italy, while Andruw Jones and Carlos Delgado will suit up for the Netherlands and Puerto Rico, respectively.

“The Super Bowl broadcast is the perfect platform for us to showcase the World Baseball Classic,” said MLB commissioner Bud Selig. “The tournament was designed to promote our game to the widest possible audience and this commercial will help drive excitement for what will be a truly captivating international competition.”

The average price for a 30-second in-game commercial this year is $2.5 million.

The spot, created by WPP Group’s Grey in New York, has Roger Clemens, the only player to speak, saying to the camera, “I’ll be there for my country. Will you be there for yours?”

The rest of the campaign will roll out over the next two months in broadcast and print, the client said.

In a statement, Grey evp Maureen Maldari said, “We wanted to celebrate the nationalistic pride and competitive nature of this tournament and showcase some the greatest players in the world as they face off for the championship.”