Baseball AnticS

The idea was to show Cincinnati Reds baseball players Aaron Boone and Sean Casey talking with the team’s general manager, Jim Bowden, about the down-to-earth nature of newly acquired star center fielder Ken Griffey Jr.
Then, the three Reds would be shown catering to Griffey’s every whim.
But while shooting at 7 a.m. during spring training earlier this year, it didn’t look like the spot was meant to be. The trio couldn’t contain themselves while delivering lines.
“We probably could have done 10 commercials of them laughing,” said Walt Adamkosky, creative director for Backley & Gingrich Advertising in Cincinnati.
The agency settled on just one, in addition to the planned spots, which were eventually completed.
The outtakes capture the team’s personality, Adamkosky added. “A lot of fans have a sense of what these guys are like, and this probably puts it over the top,” he said.
The athletes didn’t mind seeing their flubs on television. Casey even asked for a dub
of the reel to send
his mother.
–Jenn Godd