Baseball is

Baseball is back. To celebrate the start of the season, Ogilvy & Mather created an outdoor and radio campaign for the Mets proclaiming, “Next Year is Now.” Two radio spots by the New York agency star Ray Romano and John Leguizamo leaving voicemails for Mets General Manager Omar Minaya, repeatedly asking for tickets. “When you don’t call me back, does that mean the tickets are on their way, or you’re still working on it?” Leguizamo asks in one. In another, he sings a song called “Box Seats.” “They’re both from Queens, so they were a natural choice,” says David Apicella, co-creative director, about the actors. Other radio ads feature new players. Outdoor is copy-driven, stating what will happen “next year,” such as “learning how to spell Meintkiewicz,” a new player’s name. Mr. Met paid a visit to Ogilvy’s offices last week.”It’s really fun for us,” Apicella adds. “We’ve got a lot of Mets fans around here.”