If you had any lingering doubts about how the Internet has changed marketing, the “See Rock City” barns should put them to rest.
In April, the original and onetime ubiquitous guerrilla advertising icon of the South took a stab at entering the present by changing about half of the 80 remaining “See Rock City” barns to a new message: “See”
While noting that the tourist destination’s Web site had been up for more than 18 months, Rock City marketing director Jim Gilliland said, “The new travel and tourism opportunities offered by the Internet
. . . lend themselves to the marvelous amount of assets [Rock City]
has in our barns and
It’s working. Since
the messages began changing two weeks ago, “we’re spiking at about 812,000 page views a day,” Gilliland said. “Last year, the highest day we had was 743,000 page views.” –T.W Siebert