BankBoston Corporate Ads Seek ‘movers And Shakers’

Using the image of a running chief executive, Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos has launched its first campaign for BankBoston’s Corporate Bank division.
A full-page execution, the first of four ads in the print-based effort, broke in The Wall Street Journal last Thursday, three days after the Boston Marathon.
The body copy reads: “Sweats the details. Never starts something he can’t finish. Marathons run: three . . . Predicts global financing strategy will help overseas earnings grow 18% annually. Make that 19%.” There is no tagline in the ad, which concludes, “If you’re driven to grow, BankBoston is ready to help.”
The campaign is designed to shift perceptions of BankBoston from a traditional lending institution to an international powerhouse that provides diverse financial products and services, said Laura Wood, senior vice president and management supervisor at Boston-based Hill, Holliday.
Unlike prior corporate campaigns, the current effort targets executive movers and shakers, as opposed to pitching corporations on the bank’s products and services, Wood said. The campaign also strives to maintain a human element by treating its subjects as people who work hard to attain their goals, Wood added.
Ads will continue to run in The Wall Street Journal and will appear in color in the “Elite” edition of BusinessWeek, which is delivered to top management subscribers but is not available on newsstands. The campaign is also scheduled to run in international publications such as Latin Finance and Emerging Markets.
Media spending was not disclosed. BankBoston last year spent $17 million on advertising, per Competitive Media Reporting.
BankBoston’s last major corporate ad campaign was more than a year ago. BankBoston’s Corporate Bank division caters to clients with at least $10 million in assets.