Ban Toys From China?

American consumers continue to look askance at China and the products it ships overseas. A new Rasmussen Reports survey gives a sampling of this phenomenon.

In light of highly publicized health/safety problems that have plagued some Chinese-made goods in recent years, 36 percent of the poll’s respondents said they favor an outright U.S. ban during the Christmas season on “imports of all toys made in China.” Fewer than half (43 percent) were opposed, with the rest unsure either way. Among women, 43 percent said they favor such an import ban.

Safety problems aside, these numbers also reflect a broader wariness toward China on the part of U.S. consumers. When asked whether they agree or disagree that “what is good for the Chinese economy is good for the U.S. economy,” just 15 percent agreed, while 64 percent disagreed. Twelve percent said they regard China as an “ally,” matching the number who said they view it as an “enemy.” Sixty-nine percent said it’s “somewhere in between.”