BH Direct in Austin, Texas, hopes that if its new promotional mailer does not wind up in front of the right person, it will at least show up on the dessert tray.
The shop has packaged a cake-mix kit (ours was chocolate, we think) in a box labeled “Bake-Off Brand” with kitschy ’50s-style advertising slogans and art, challenging companies to compare the effectiveness of their current direct marketing firm against RBH.
The various “directions” and “ingredients” showcase RBH, such as declaring in nutritional-like notation that it delivers “100 percent” creativity and productivity while offering “2 percent” irreverence.
One of the eye-catching offers on the back of the cake-mix box declares the shop’s services absolutely free. Reading the fine print, however, shows some of the firm’s restrictions on pro bono efforts: one must be over 99 years of age and Amish.
Also, the offer is not good on “land, sea or air.” –Glen Fest