automatic address

Connecting the new world of interactive advertising with that of print, Ford Motor Co. will insert an “imperceptible code” in ads set for the July issue of Wired that will allow readers to automatically connect to the automaker’s Web site. The device is perfect for those too lazy to type ten characters, but energetic enough to hop behind the wheel of an Explorer.
The maker of the technology allowing this is Digimarc, whose MediaBridge system embeds “digital watermarks” in print ads. Held up to a digital PC camera, it launches a browser and connects to
According to Digimarc chief executive officer Bruce Davis, “Web navigation is getting harder and more time consuming.”
Curt Jakesen of Ford agency J. Walter Thompson added, “Consumers get excited when they see a Ford ad and we don’t want them to become frustrated by having to spend time searching the Internet to access additional information.”
–Trevor Jensen