An Author You Can’t Refuse

There is a contract out on the head of a Chicago ad executive, courtesy of Sam Giancana.
No need to worry though. Giancana–the godson and nephew of the late Chicago crime lord Sam “Momo” Giancana–and his, wife Bettina, have written 30 Seconds (shown here), a novel set against the backdrop of the Chicago advertising scene. The story juxtaposes the stress of creating a Super Bowl spot for a drug company with the pressure of being pursued by government and Mafia hit men. Ad execs may ask, which is worse?
The story begins with Marty English, an executive vice president at a fictional Chicago agency, losing a plum $500 million account. He turns around and wins a $300 million piece of pharmaceutical business, only to uncover a web of corruption and betrayal.
Giancana began his career in advertising at Leo Burnett, Chicago, in the early ’70s. He and his wife, a former sales representative for CBS TV affiliates, called the ad industry “very fertile ground” for their tale of suspense. –Justin Dini