Austin Kelley, Ga. Lottery Cheat Death

ATLANTA Austin Kelley Advertising has launched two new television spots this month for the Georgia Lottery, the shop said.

One of the commercials promotes the lottery’s new $2 instant game, Win for Life, which pays the winner $1,000 a week for life. The spot opens with Death, played by Charles Pittard, playing a game of checkers with an elderly man. The man distracts Death, then moves his pieces to a winning position on the board. The ad continues with several other games in which the man cheats Death and ends with the voiceover, “If you keep cheating Death, we’ll keep paying.”

AKA’s other ad is for the MegaMillions game and shows a man watching a movie in a theater. The man is disappointed with the ending, so he flies to Hollywood and reshoots the movie with an ending he likes, a trip made possible with the money from winning the lottery. The spot ends with the man back in the theater, smiling at his new ending.

“Everybody’s had that experience where they watched a movie they loved until it was ruined with a bad ending,” said Brian Pierce, the copywriter for the spot. “The great thing about winning this much money is that you have control over the little things in life that mean a lot to you personally.”

AKA, an Interpublic Group shop in Atlanta, has provided advertising to the Georgia Lottery since it began in 1993. Additional lottery spots are planned for later this summer, the agency said.