Atlanta Finalists Exit Duck Head Review

ATLANTA BBDO and OneSource have withdrawn from Duck Head Apparel’s account review, sources said.

The two Atlanta finalists have been replaced, sources said, by crosstown rival BaylessCronin, an Omnicom shop owned by Merkley Newman Harty & Partners in New York, and independent Doe-Anderson in Louisville, Ky. Neither agency could be reached for comment. The client did not return calls.

The Buntin Group in Nashville, Tenn., and Lawler Ballard Van Durand in Birmingham, Ala., remain in the competition.

“They want the agency to shepherd the strategy but not execute it,” said OneSource representative David Faar. “The economics [of the contract] did not appeal to us.”

The Sept. 30 decision date has been pushed back to mid-October. Final presentations are set for early October, according to sources.

Annual advertising expenditures have amounted to less than $1 million in recent years.

Goody’s Family Clothing of Knoxville, Tenn., owns Duck Head Apparel.