Atlanta Allies Get Homebanc Job

Huey/Paprocki Adver-tising and breatheinteractive joined forces to top four undisclosed Southern agencies in a review for a Homebanc Mortgage branding research and launch assignment.

The project budget was undisclosed.

The two Atlanta shops have teamed up before to land work from software supplier Cysive in Reston, Va.

“Sometimes all that clients want is creative. But in more and more cases, they need brand planning as well,” said HPA partner Ron Huey. “By partnering with breathe, we’re able to bring in senior talent on both sides.”

Breatheinteractive will handle brand planning research and direct marketing. HPA will focus on print, outdoor and some cable television advertising, which is expected to break in the third quarter.

“We’ll sit in on breathe’s focus groups so that when their research is complete, we’re already in the loop,” said Huey.

Research will be performed on two levels, according to Huey. Breathe will interview internal staff and realtors for their perceptions of the brand before shifting to consumers.

“Breathe has an expertise in planning, but Huey/Paprocki has a strength in the creative development side,” said client vice president of marketing Valerie Vargas. “The combination allows us to intertwine the strengths of both companies.”

“This is a large project for us,” said Vargas. “The agency should grow with us.”

Atlanta-based Homebanc, which operates in Georgia and parts of Florida, plans to expand into Charlotte, N.C., later this year.