Artists Profit From LoudEnergy is attempting to boost its revenue by giving away profits. In an initiative the company calls the 100% Store, artists get sent a check for any money the site makes from selling their albums.

Alanis Morissette, Sugar Ray, Outkast, Offspring, Buckcherry and Brian Wilson are among the 700 artists who have enrolled in the program, loudENERGY president and CEO Ruben Lozano said. The site offers more than 250,000 titles representing about 6,000 major and independent record labels.

“Our profits will be the benefits we derive from building our on-line community of artists and fans, which we believe will far outweigh the potential of capturing elusive online retail profits,” Lozano said. His strategy is to increase site traffic without incurring advertising or marketing costs. But he also hopes to encourage artists to reciprocate.