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Nike Joins the Club
By Hilary Cassidy
In an effort to expand the reach of its brand in a category where sales are flat but competition is intense, Nike Golf will herald the launch of its first line of clubs with a $35 million push that includes humorous ads, PGA Tour endorsements, demo days and direct efforts.


Meal Melee
Heinz’s Boston Market unleashes vacation promo against a $25M effort for a new Stouffer’s line and a $35M restage for Swanson as the frozen meal segment heats up.

Ice Is Nice
Aiming to further outdistance itself from the competition, PepsiCo’s Gatorade intros clear Ice line, a Propel Fitness Water extension and baseball promo with Derek Jeter.

Roller Coaster
MGM’s Rollerball rides the wave of hype for Super Bowl XXXVI with placement in pregame shows and wrestles its way into the WWF ring with TV tie-ins.

Toy Stories
A buoyant consumer electronics market looks forward to a strong year at the 2002 International CES, while automakers steer toward youngerm drivers at the Detroit International Auto Show.

Perdue heads West, bows new Short Cuts entrees and rolls new creative.
Novartis puts $20M-plus behind Benefiber, a supplement meant to have no detectable flavor or odor.
Applebee’s and PBS’ Dragon Tales do lunch.
Daytona International Speedway aligns with Winn-Dixie for a collect-and-win promotion.