Art & Commerce: Passion Play: Emotion Has a Place at the Office

Kudos to Marisa Thalberg for her thoughts on emotion and passion in the workplace [Art & Commerce, April 10].
Society seems to have taught us that strength and emotion are mutually exclusive, that emotion equals weakness. One need only look at a TV character like Ally McBeal to see the clear message that being emotional in the workplace is considered equivalent to being unstable.
Perhaps the corporate powers that be should concern themselves more with worker apathy than with criticizing someone who is passionate about what they do. As Kahlil Gibran wrote about “work” in The Prophet, “For if you bake bread with indifference, you bake a bitter bread that feeds but half man’s hunger.”
The next time someone at work tells you, “Don’t take it personally,” don’t accept that. I know I won’t.
Krista Katsoulis
Executive producer
The Pi Edit Co.
New York

Present and Unaccounted for: Account Side Impacts Creative
While I enjoyed the “Best Spots of the 1990s” supplement [March 20], I have to admit that it was disheartening to see that, with the exception of The Gap advertising, account management has no presence in the credits for any of the ads.
Account management has a definite–and I would contend positive–impact on the creative product. In addition to crafting strategies and negotiating for budgets to fund production, we fight to sell the best creative, the agency-recommended director and in many instances use our skill to “resurrect great creative from the dead.”
In an ideal world, the strongest creative concepts would always be produced, based solely on the strength of the idea and its ability to deliver results for clients. Until that day arrives, account management will continue to fight to make sure that these concepts are realized as great advertising. As partners in the process, isn’t it time we received recognition for our contribution?
Ahron D. Weiner
Vice president, account supervisor
The Lord Group
New York

For the Record: The name of the board that markets California cheese was incorrectly identified [Adweek, April 10]. The correct name is the California Milk Advisory Board.