Arnold’s campaign for the 2005 Volkswagen Jetta,

Arnold’s campaign for the 2005 Volkswagen Jetta, which broke last week, featured the usual TV spots, print and outdoor ads, etc.—but it also featured a short film, The Check Up, which was screened at Sundance and forms part of the car’s DVD brochure available at dealerships. “The movie was a way into the product-specific DVD,” says associate creative director Colin Jeffrey. Directed by Bob Industries’ Dayton/Faris, the short stars Kevin Connolly from HBO’s Entourage as a 31-year-old who still plays video games, and Joe Pantoliano of The Matrix as a case officer for the “Federal Commission of Adulthood” who tries to make sure Connolly’s character is taking proper steps to grow up. In keeping with the “All grown up. Sort of” line in the ads, Jeffrey says, they “tapped into this kind of strange transition everybody goes through stepping into adulthood.” The short can be seen on