Arnold Unveils Pinnacle Spots

Enticing golfers to Pinnacle’s Distance Challenge Contest is Arnold’s aim in spots that break this week for the Acushnet brand.

The effort consists of three 30-second spots introducing the tagline, “Hit it long. Hit it straight,” which replaces “No ball goes farther.” In the contest, whoever hits his ball the straightest and farthest wins.

In one commercial, a man is shown putting in his cubicle at work and chatting on the phone about his prowess on the links: “He said he’d never seen anyone reach that green in two. I crushed that bad boy! Oh yeah!”

Suddenly, a group of golfers dressed in black arrives on the scene. One says, “You really crushed it, eh?” Another says, “King of the cubicle, aren’t you?” They carry the braggart off to the contest. At the end of the spot, on-screen copy reads, “Time to walk the walk.”

The spots “have a dual purpose,” said John Petruney, executive vp, group creative director at Arnold, Boston. “We wanted to improve brand awareness, as well as [tout] the contest.”

The contest, a first for Pinnacle, pits amateur golfers against a team of professionals in cluding new Pinnacle spokes man John Daly, a longtime star of the PGA tour. Daly has a cam eo in the spots.

The contest will take place at nine venues across the country, culminating in Las Vegas. The prize at each event is $10,000.

Pinnacle spends approximately $4 million annually on advertising, according to CMR. Arnold also works on the Acushnet Titleist brand, for which it broke ads starring John Cleese in late 2001.