Arnold Introduces Citizens Bank Campaign

Arnold has broken a television campaign in Pennsylvania for Citizens Bank following the client’s recently completed acqui-sition of former competitor Mellon Bank.

The four 30-second spots were created by Arnold’s McLean, Va., office and shot two weeks ago at locations in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The ob-jective: retain and reassure Mellon customers while bolstering the Citizens brand in a market where the company looks to become a major player.

One execution shows a bank opening for business in early December. As employees let in customers, one patron discusses a recent Citizens- sponsored promotion featuring free subway rides. Another customer talks about having her car window cleaned while waiting at the bank’s drive-through area.

“We helped you get to work and met you at the drive-thru,” copy reads. “We even lowered fees. But you made our first day a success. Thank you, Philadelphia. See you tomorrow.”

Another commercial depicts downtown landmarks while customers rave about the bank. “It’s not your typical bank,” one woman says, echoing Citizens’ familiar tagline. The spot closes with the text, “Thank you, Philadelphia.”

The spots are running for about a month on local broadcast and cable stations around Pennsylvania.

Arnold, McLean, staffers Matt Smith, executive creative director; Mike Gallagher, creative director; and account manager Mike White oversaw the latest effort. Seventh Art, Philadelphia, produced.

Citizens and Mellon spent about $10 million each on ads in recent years, but Citizens has been rapidly expanding, and the budget is ex-pected to increase next year.

As the year began, Boston-based Arnold added the Citizens account without a review from recently de-funct crosstown shop Holland Mark. Arnold picked up more business from Citizens this summer following its acquisition of Pittsburgh-based Mellon.