Arnell Stages Rap Duet for Reebok

NEW YORK Eve and Fabolous rap directly to a Foot Locker customer from an in-store TV screen in a new spot by the Arnell Group for Reebok’s Classic Cielo brand, which broke on Wednesday.

An urban teen enters a Foot Locker store and asks for Cielo in a size 10. When a clerk goes to search for the shoe, Eve knocks on the glass from inside the TV screen to get the customer’s attention. Then Eve and Fabolos begin rapping about the shoe.

“Classic’s on my mind, all the way to Foot Locker,” Eve raps, an original song she wrote with Fabolous.

The 30-second ad is running on BET, Comedy Central, ESPN, MTV, TNN and UPN. It is accompanied by two print pieces featuring Eve as well, which break in May in publications including Jane, InStyle, Honey, Teen People and Vibe.

One ad shows Eve wearing Classic Oryx brand Reeboks with a dress resembling a Philadelphia 76ers jersey. Another shows the hip-hop star turned actress wearing the Classic Gold Medalist brand shoes. Ads bear the phrase “Bombshell Classic,” part a long-running Reebok campaign touting “Classic” situations.

The spot plays off the last Reebok Classic TV ad, which broke in August 2002 and featured rapper Fabolous sullying his Classic shoe with grape jelly. The current spot was created to appeal to both men and women.

Steve Stoute, entertainment consultant at Arnell Group, said the New York agency chose the duo because they would be “really effective [portraying] the dual-gender message of Classic.”

The Benny Boom-directed spot was shot at a Manhattan Foot Locker as well as a set in New York.