April Clash in Daytona Beach

The City of Daytona Beach, Fla., has decided to hear pitches from three agencies for its $2 million creative and media business, held for the past six years by Doe-Anderson Advertising & Public Relations in Louisville, Ky.
The incumbent will defend the account against Fry/Hammond/Barr in Orlando, Fla., and Just Partners of Richmond, Va. All three shops will make presentations at the city’s first full board meeting after spring break, April 28.
According to Kay Galloway, Daytona Beach’s director of advertising, board members may make a decision immediately after hearing the presentations or within two weeks.
The city government stipulates the account be reviewed every three years. In 1996, however, the city’s executive director decided Doe-Anderson could retain the account before the board heard formal presentations from other applicants.
“It’s not that we’re unhappy with Doe-Anderson at this time,” said Galloway. “It’s just that we’re dealing with public money and we haven’t had a review in a half-dozen years. It’s good for Daytona Beach, it’s good for the people who live here, and . . . it’s good for Doe-Anderson, too.”
Representatives for both new contenders said initial contact with Daytona Beach established the agencies’ credentials in travel and tourism. “The next round is going to be more about what we can do for their business,” said Matt Potts, operating officer at Just Partners. He added his staff has extensive travel market experience and noted partner John Boatright was the keynote speaker at a recent industry forum.
F/H/B executive accounts director Jeff Sternberg said his agency works with the nearby Kennedy Space Center, which would present cross-promotional opportunities.
Doe-Anderson’s current contract expires Oct. 1. No one at the agency responded to calls at press time.