AOL Sports Channel Rebrands as FanHouse

NEW YORK AOL will rebrand its long-running sports channel as FanHouse, which is the current name of a blog/community-centric section within AOL Sports.

The move to rebrand AOL Sports comes just days after AOL formed a new publishing group called MediaGlow, which comprises various AOL-branded content sites and a growing number of non-AOL-branded venues and blogs.

AOL executives said that FanHouse’s traffic has been growing exponentially, which helped lead to adoption of the brand for AOL’s overall sports franchise. In addition, the move signals that AOL plans to increase its commitment to facilitating community alongside its sports editorial — a key driver of FanHouse’s growth.

However, while the original FanHouse was primarily blog-like in nature, the plan for the renamed and redesigned channel is to continue to serve as a destination for sports news and professional commentary. For example, just recently AOL Sports hired former Chicago-Sun Times columnist Jay Mariotti.

“In addition to its unique news and editorial offering, FanHouse is a comprehensive sports destination,” said Marty Moe, svp, AOL news, money and finance, FanHouse, KOL and Weblogs.