Another Ice Cream Company Just Turned Halo Top’s Freaky Robot Ad Upside Down

'Everyone you love is ... here'

An overlooked group of people aggrieved by Halo Top’s dystopian ice cream ad? Other ice cream marketers! Many of them can’t be too pleased that the viral Halo Top spot—which has over 650,000 views on director Mike Diva’s YouTube page—presents ice cream in such a disturbing, un-fun-loving fashion.

Enlightened, a rival brand that also makes healthy, higher-protein, lower-sugar ice cream, decided to have a little fun with the Halo Top spot—creating a parody ad with a significantly happier ending.

Check out the spoof below, in which, as in Halo Top’s narrative, an older woman is being fed ice cream—but not against her will. And most notably, everyone she loves is not gone.

Enlightened CEO Michael Shoretz must have read Adweek’s Q&A with Diva, which delved into the freewheeling director’s beverage-enhanced origin story for the Halo Top work. “I think the director may have drank a bit too much Four Loko,” Shoretz tells us. “I was creeped out, though, so mission accomplished … I guess?”

Shoretz sees his parody as a service, of sorts.

“We’re a tight-knit family company, and when we think about what defines us and our products, we think about color, fun, vibrancy and family,” he says. “Plus, we thought the millions of people who experienced the Halo Top ad might need some comfort. And we were happy to provide it.”

Enlightened’s creative director, Robbie Vicencio, and his in-house creative team worked with production company Robotic Raptor on the spot, which was shot and edited in just a few days. It will live on the brand’s social media channels and at

“Hopefully people will love it,” Shoretz says. “Probably not the robots, though.”

And if you haven’t seen it, check out the Halo Top spot below.

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