Annie’s Homegrown “Lunchbox”

TDA’s first work for Annie’s Homegrown takes an old-school approach. These eye-pleasing print ads and posters use traditional school settings — no computer lab or media center in sight — to suggest the organic origin of the ingredients. Even the tagline, “Kids love it,” is simplistic and fits the overall theme. In this particular ad, Phoebe’s feeling protective about the contents of her lunchbox. She’s wise beyond her years to keep her food locked up. And yet, she still has a few lessons to learn, as her classmates will probably just steal the whole thing. Phoebe can always take revenge by putting paste (or something more grotesque, like non-organic Thursday’s cafeteria pudding) in the baseball glove of the kid who uses the adjoining cubbyhole. That’s the law of the school yard: only the strong survive, and advance to the second grade. Class dismissed. –David Gianatasio