Andys Seeking a Lord of the Ring

Taking a page from the playbook of pro sports, the Advertising Club of New York will fit its Grandy winner with a snazzy championship ring at this year’s International Andy Awards in April.

“The only thing that would make a One Show Pencil better is if you could hang it around your neck,” says Alex Bogusky, creative director at Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami and honorary co-chair of this year’s Andys show. To give the Grandy winner something fun along with the usual trophy, Bogusky and his 10-person CP+B team toyed with the idea of a pendant, but with the ’70s long gone, they figured few would enjoy nestling a medallion in their bosom. Then they hit on the idea of an “Advertising World Champion” ring—”like a Super Bowl ring, big and ostentatious,” Bogusky says. Regular Andy winners will don more tasteful rings featuring the Andys icon.

Other runner-up prizes are still being considered—mock baseball cards of the winners, personalized letters from Bogusky to their parents, tombstones with the winners’ names etched in marble, etc. But the ring concept is the most popular among the folks at the Ad Club. And for good reason: It does have some taunting value. “It could be a fun thing to flash at your friends in the business,” says Bogusky. You could also make junior staffers kiss it. Just don’t ask clients to follow suit.