A&M’s Riverquarium Fish Talk Back

ATLANTA The latest campaign from Abend & Moore for the Flint Riverquarium defines the attraction from the viewpoint of its habitants.

The campaign is the second from the independent Atlanta shop for the attraction since it won the account two years ago. The effort includes a television spot, newspaper ads and billboards that target potential visitors within a 100-mile radius of the Riverquarium, which is located in Albany, Ga.

A TV ad features three animated characters (two fish and a turtle) who comment on the people who are watching them through the glass. One asks, “Did you see that one?” The reply: “Yeah, that was a face only a mother could love.”

The characters are also used in print and outdoor ads to promote upcoming movies in the Riverquarium’s Imagination Theater. Those efforts show the aquatic characters making humorous comments about the movies in a riff on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

“We needed to keep brand momentum, have promotional flexibility and push the theater’s movies from time to time, all on a shoestring budget,” said Tom Moore, a partner in the shop. “So we contained the characters’ actions and relied on their personalities to sell the Riverquarium.”

Campaign spending is about $150,000.

The Riverquarium was A&M’s first account, brought aboard when the shop opened in 2003.