AMP “Walk of No Shame”

The morning after a hard night of partying is never easy. A hangover can cloud your head and memory loss can render you dumbfounded over your current location. Anyone who has ever experienced that “How did I get here?” post-party panic will appreciate this spot, shown in its extended online version here, from BBDO in New York for AMP energy drinks. The spot, “Walk of No Shame,” embraces and celebrates recent overindulgences with a musical number that shows tired and hungover city dwellers getting a much-needed boost from the energy drink. Men and women in various states of dishevelment proudly take to the streets singing, “I will not be ashamed,” because AMP helps them get through the painful new day. We’ve seen crowds take to the streets singing the praises of products before — but the tidbits here are too funny to ignore. One rumpled woman with messy hair and smeared makeup explains she’s wearing a “tiny-ruffled miniskirt and some guy’s extra-large T-shirt,” and a man confides that he thought he was with a “10,” but when he saw those “cankles in the morning, I had to think again.” As the street march comes to an end, a male/female duo, staring into each other’s eyes as the music fades, closes the spot with another hard truth of the night: “I try to learn my lesson, time and time again — tomorrow when the clock strikes 2, I’m back in love again.” –Eleftheria Parpis