American Makes Flight Connection

DALLAS American Airlines is launching the second year of its branding campaign designed by TM Advertising under the tagline “We know why you fly.”

The campaign encompasses two new TV spots and six print ads, with a schedule that includes national cable television and key local markets, the airline said.

“Our research shows that the ads have had a significant impact on customers’ preference for American Airlines, and on their likelihood to travel with us,” said Roger Frizzell, client vice president of corporate communications and advertising.

When American began its campaign last year, two major carriers, United Airlines and US Air, were in bankruptcy. With the launch of the second year, two more majors, Northwest and Delta, have recently filed for Chapter 11 reorganization.

The new ads continue the theme designed to show how American’s experience as the world’s largest airline can benefit its passengers, the company said. The work also addresses the issue of price, showing how American makes important moments in people’s lives more affordable.

“This extension of our brand advertising continues to position American as the airline that understands that, for our customers, their destination is not where the airplane lands, but someplace important beyond the airport,” said Frizzell.

In consumer tracking research, over 50 percent of respondents who said they were aware of American’s advertising also stated a preference for American Airlines, the carrier said. The research also showed an increase of more than 50 percent in future intent to fly American Airlines among travelers 18 years or older who were aware of the ads, according to the company.

Two TV spots are the focal point of the expanded ad program. “Red Pumps” conveys a story about a man who surprises his wife with a spur-of-the-moment trip. He does his best to pack for her and as they arrive at the airport, an overhead sign reads, “$99 surprising her with dinner. Out of town.”

The second spot, called “Jenkins,” demonstrates the benefit of American’s simplified pricing structure. A boss searching for Jenkins learns that the contractor actually lives in another city. As Jenkins checks in at an airport for yet another flight, a sign reads, “$139 to making yourself invaluable.”

Last year’s campaign was the first major brand work for American in nearly a decade.

Interpublic Group’s TM Advertising is located in Irving, Texas.

Campaign spending is undisclosed.