Amazon Preps Ads for a Disaster

Amazon Advertising here serves up a slice of alternative living in California with six new TV spots created for the American Red Cross’ earthquake preparedness campaign.
A burly transvestite, a bulldog wearing pearls and a lesbian couple are some of the characters used to drive home the idea that earthquakes can affect anybody.
The campaign uses the theme, “Who do you love?” to encourage people to be prepared in case of an earthquake. The TV spots appear to be filmed from inside a cabinet, allowing the viewer to watch the characters stock the shelves with emergency supplies. Each commercial concludes with a phone number for a local Red Cross chapter and the tagline, “Get your kit together.”
“Frankly, and unfortunately, you’re probably not going to make an earthquake survival kit for yourself,” said Millie Olson, an Amazon partner and co-founder. “People just put that kind of thing off, thinking they don’t have to worry.”
“Fatima” is the central character in two commercials. Wearing a powder-blue gown, the husky, blonde transvestite fills her cabinet with waterproof makeup, a wig, a water-resistant dress, sturdy-yet-fashionable shoes and water.
Amazon worked on the campaign with a budget of about $10,000. All the characters who volunteered for the spots have in some way used the Red Cross during a disaster. The ads were created in conjunction with the San Francisco Advertising Club’s Public Service Announcement Committee.