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Everybody could use a vacation, and Craig Kilborn wants people to take one in his native state.

In a new campaign for the Minnesota Office of Tourism, the host of CBS’ Late Late Show—born in Hibbing and raised in Hastings—riffs on the amount of vacation days workers get in the U.S. compared to other countries. He rattles off statistics about how many people fail to use the maximum amount of days they have earned.

“Deep down, most people know they aren’t taking as much time off as they’re entitled to,” said John Jarvis, chief creative officer of Colle + McVoy, the Minnea polis agency behind the effort. “This campaign is rooted in the belief that exploring Minnesota, no matter how briefly, will help replenish what the world takes away.”

For those not con vinced that Minnesota may hold something for them, one spot features Kilborn giving a tour of a shrine to the state. In addition to features on its many lakes, the shrine includes models of two famous Minnesotans, Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, Jarvis said.

The campaign is the agency’s first since winning the $3 million business in a review last year. It breaks next week in Minnesota and surrounding Midwestern states.