All Ready To Pack Their Bags Again

Undaunted by the fact that summer-vacation season had just ended, an Associated Press/Ipsos Public Affairs survey last month quizzed adults on their leisure-travel intentions for the next 12 months. At this point, just 44 percent said they plan to take a vacation trip within that period. The chart indicates the destinations they favor. One-third of respondents who expect to travel on vacation said they intend to go abroad during the next 12 months. Among these venturesome souls, Western Europe is the leading destination (cited by 29 percent), trailed by the Caribbean (22 percent), Mexico (15 percent) and Eastern Europe (8 percent). There were fewer takers for Asia, Central America, South America, Canada or Africa (4 percent apiece). Another question presented a list of considerations and asked prospective vacationers how important each one is to them when they decide where to go on vacation. The highest “very important” vote was for “safety” (76 percent), followed by “relaxation” (68 percent), “cost” (60 percent), “meeting family and friends” (51 percent) and “activities” (42 percent). Fewer people assigned great importance to such factors as “entertainment” (33 percent), “educational opportunities” (27 percent) or “shopping” (16 percent).