All Eyes on New Directors

CANNES, FRANCE With characteristic flair, Saatchi & Saatchi worldwide creative director Bob Isherwood introduced the 15th annual New Directors showcase here today.

Saying he was offering 23 new directing talents, he noted that was 46 eyes with which to see the world. The lights dimmed to reveal pairs of giant eyes floating around the stage.

Highlights of this year’s reel included a short of a surreal trip to London by a Japanese woman with a preoccupation with swimming by Gaelle Denis of Passion Pictures Over Time, a film using puppets by Oury Atlan of Partizan Lab showing reptilian creatures honoring the death of a man who appears to be their owner; a music video by Partizan’s directing collective Associates in Science for Beck, depicting images of Beck by using only letters and symbols; and a humorous spot presenting sitar players in India playing “Dueling Banjos” for CMT by Harvest’s Michael Downing.

Other featured directors were: Matt Aselton of Epoch Films in New York, Chris Nelson of Annex Films in London, Tokyoplastic of Picasso Pictures in London, Ne-O’s Stink Pictures in London, Ugly of Ugly Pictures in New York, Mateus De Paula Santos of Lobo in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Frank Devos of Quad Productions in London, Eric Hillenbrand of Tempomedia Filmproduction in Hamburg, Germany, Baptiste Masase of Milk Elementary Resources Ph in St. Cloud, France, Brett Foraker of 4Creative in London, Kezia Barnett of The Sweet Shop in Auckland, New Zealand, Luciano Podcaminsky of Pioneer Productions in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Woof Wan-Bau of Nexus Productions in London, Honest of Czar.US in New York, Joseph Kosinski of Anonymous Content in Culver City, Calif., Randy Krallman of HSI Productions in New York, Marcus Tomlinson of in New York, Andy Fogwill and Agustin Alberdi of Landia in Buenos Aires, and Adam Smith of Blink Productions in London.

Isherwood closed the showcase by introducing Paul Arden, who was inside a giant eye. The London ad veteran, who was ecd at Saatchi & Saatchi for 14 years, created the first showcase, perservering even when the audience booed at the now critically lauded Tarsem and Danny Kleinmann.

The International Advertising Festival concludes on Saturday with the Film, Radio and Titanium awards ceremony.