Alamo City in Review

The San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau is holding a scheduled review for its more than $3 million account.
The Center for the Persuasive Arts, the 19-year incumbent in San Antonio, will defend the business, which is nearing the end of a four-year contract.
As part of its defense, the agency last week erected a nearly full-scale model of the facade of the Alamo in its lobby prior to a site visit from bureau officials.
“It’s going to shock them . . . They are going to have to walk through the doors of the Alamo to get to the elevator,” said Ken Slavin, director of media relations at the shop, just minutes before the San Antonio tourism officials were scheduled to appear.
Bromley Communications and Inventiva, both located in San Antonio, are also finalists in the review.
Steve Moore, executive director of SAC&VB, is conducting the review. He was unavailable to comment at press time late last week.
Agencies have been encouraged by the city to partner with small and minority-owned communications specialists for the first time in the history of the review.
Presentations will be staggered throughout the summer. The bureau is expected to make a decision in August.
The selection committee is composed of about 20 individuals from the entertainment and hospitality industries, city officials and members of the bureau. Its decision will be subject to a confirmation vote by the San Antonio City Council. K