A&L, Tectronix Target Consumers

$15 Mil. Computer Printer Effort Stresses Price
SAN FRANCISCO–Tektronix targets the mass-market segment of the computer printer business for the first time in a $15 million campaign from Anderson & Lembke, to run in the U.S. and abroad.
The print and interactive effort for the 50-year-old company, which had focused on the high-end trade market, plays up the price and attributes of three new color printers and one adaptable black-and-white model. Work breaks this week in publications such as USA Today and Smithsonian.
A&L’s new work draws from its global branding effort for the Wilsonville, Ore., client, which used “idea bubbles” to express the concept of imagination.
One ad shows a black-and-gold butterfly on a ballpoint pen inside an idea bubble. The pen is shattered at one end, implying the creature emerged from its “colorless confines,” said Colleen Bailey, account director at A&L. The headline: “Can a business tool evolve?”
The shop also created a “microsite” at www.coloratwork.com to showcase the new printers and provide the addresses of local resellers.
Color printers made up roughly 35 percent of Tektronix’s more than $2 billion in sales in its last fiscal year. Its competitors include Canon, Hewlett-Packard and Xerox.