Niagara Falls has long been a mecca for honeymooners and tourists alike. Now Al Rotundo, owner of Victor Marketing Group in Niagara Falls, is hoping its lure will reel in an advertiser or two for a unique auction he’s holding on eBay.

Starting Oct. 22, Rotundo will auction off corporate-sponsorship and ad space on a 73-foot-wide hot-air balloon, which circles the falls daily.

“We think consumer-electronics, telecom companies and travel-related [businesses] will be interested,” said Rotundo, who is partnering in the venture with Mike Davis, who owns the balloon. “Or anybody who wants to make an impression, anywhere in the world.”

The balloon, which started making flights over the falls last year, is presently donating its space—four 24-foot-tall banners—to the city of New York, displaying “I Love NY” banners. It is currently the only aircraft flying over the falls, as a helicopter that carried tourists around the site was grounded following the recent terrorist attacks, Rotundo said.

The auction will end on Oct. 31. A link to it can be found on the balloon’s Web site,