Air Seinfeld?

LOS ANGELES – The word ‘Air’ was on the tip of lots of tongues last week, but not always in conjunction with ‘Jordan.’ NBC got airborne on its own, taking to the friendly skies in a deal with United Airlines that links the two with advertisers in some unique promotional opportunities still in development. Beginning Jan. 1, 1994, NBC and United will create promotional packages for advertisers that are built around ad opportunities during NBC in-flight programming and in Hemispheres, United’s in-flight magazine. A participant might advertise during NBC’s in-flight program and in the magazine and could be tied together, for example, with a sweepstakes advertised on NBC. NBC’s news, sports, entertainment and cable units will provide programming. Another alliance partner, Gannett Broadcasting, will acquire non-feature programming for broadcast. Pace Communications, publisher of Hemispheres, will coordinate alliance partners.
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