Afloat On The Rub-A-Dub Tour

When Ingalls Public Relations was chosen to promote hot tubs nationwide, the Boston agency washed modesty and decorum down the drain.
Working for the National Spa and Pool Institute, an industry association in Alexandria, Va., the shop concocted a sexy media tour dubbed: “Luvin’ the tub.”
The tour, which featured a pair of hot tubs perched on a flatbed truck, last month traveled 6,000 miles across the country and visited nine major media markets, including New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle.
Sharyn Wolf, best-selling author of How to Stay Lovers for Life and Guerilla Dating Tactics, served as spokesperson for the tour, appearing on radio and TV to discuss how hot tubs can improve personal relationships.
Ingalls Interactive even created a Web site for the event (
Naturally, rubber ducks were the main promotional items given away during the tour.
–David Gianatasio