Aerosmith to Appear in Dodge Ads

DETROIT — Members of the band Aerosmith, whose music has backed Dodge commercials since last summer, will make their first onscreen appearance for the automaker in a spot that is slated to be shown exclusively in movie theaters later this summer, sources said.

The spot was created by PentaMark Worldwide, Troy, Mich., which handles creative and media for the Chrysler Group.

Chrysler and the band in July 2001 signed a multi-faceted marketing deal that included tour sponsorship and rights to use Aerosmith’s music in Dodge spots.

Dodge spent $500 million on measured media advertising in 2001, according to CMR.

Chrysler vice president of marketing Jeff Bell last week said the contract with Aerosmith was open-ended and that the automaker is pleased with the relationship. Bell said he was recently assured by Columbia Records executives that rumors that the band may be breaking up are false.