Adworks Is 20/20 for TLC Laser Eye Centers

Five TV spots featuring characters in situations where perfect vision is essential break this week for TLC Laser Eye Centers’ 50-plus sites in the U.S. and Canada.
Courtesy of Adworks in Washington, D.C., the ads vary in tone but not in style or purpose. In appealing directly to the consumer, the spots seek to change the way people look at hiring a doctor to perform laser corrective eye surgery.
“Heretofore, laser surgery developed its patient stream through relationships with doctors,” said Adworks creative director Mark Greenspun, who wrote the spots. “Now they are trying to develop the stream through a direct appeal to the patient.”
The first two spots, “Baseball” and “Surgeon,” are serious. In the first, the camera takes a catcher’s eye view as a voiceover ex-plains that the hitter’s choice of laser vision correction was as important to his game as sight itself.
The final three spots are humorous. In “Clock,” a stagnant shot shows a searching hand unable to find a pair of eyeglasses as an alarm clock rings at 7 a.m. “Contact” presents a woman having increasing difficulty inserting her contact lenses. In “Eye Chart,” a vision test is easier to pass after laser vision correction.
The campaign is being tested in Charlotte, N.C.; Tri-Cities, Tenn.; Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Okla.; San Antonio; Indianapolis; and Lansing, Mich.