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Cops FedEx BBDO, New York

“How do they see through the stockings?” With that startling opening, “Cops” plunges in medias res into a tale of robbery and commerce spun by an office worker for his easily distracted colleague. The office bard explains that the stockings are sheer, then resumes his tale of a woman whose car is commandeered during a police chase but who manages to mail her package thanks to a FedEx drop box across the street. “Directly across the street?” the office mate chimes in. “Technically it was kitty-corner,” the storyteller responds, steering the conversation back to the point—that FedEx is “keeping the engines of commerce well lubed.” “I had always wanted to do commercials that were structured this way,” says freelance copywriter-art director Ernest Lupinacci, who collaborated with BBDO’s Gerry Graf. “The commercial has to be 30 seconds long, but the story doesn’t have to be a 30-second story.” The spot is part of a campaign that replaces the slapstick scenarios of BBDO’s previous work for the client. FedEx’s manager of advertising, Steve Pacheco, has called the effort a “fresh start” in the shop’s 12-year relationship with FedEx.

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