Adweek Diary: Western

Just Don’t Do It

When Nike was on the prowl for a second agency in February, it hit up shops of many sizes and persuasions before picking Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco. Needless to say, most of the selected shops were hot to trot. But apparently not so over at Black Rocket in San Francisco.

After Black Rocket got Nike’s call, sources said, the agency dashed off a letter to the super-client saying, in part, ‘Are you freakin’ nuts? You’ve got the best agency in the world,’ referring to Wieden & Kennedy in Portland, Ore. While conceding that Nike probably had very rational reasons for its move, the Black Rocket letter is said to have listed other rational, but misdirected moves, including the Baltimore Orioles decision to let go of Babe Ruth. Asked about the mysterious Nike missive and the agency’s affinity for Babe Ruth, Black Rocket executives just shrugged.

Hard Case

What’s an agency to do when prospective clients refuse to return its leave behinds? AKA Advertising in Portland, Ore., recently lost two valuable brushed steel cases sent to business prospects. Two times when the shop did not make the cut, executives asked for the materials to be returned. While its print and TV work examples were returned, the $300 cases were not, in two instances. Creative director Doug Lowell said one company executive simply told him the case was gone, and the other informed him that the case had been given away. ‘I understand there’s a certain cost of doing business, but this is just stealing,’ Lowell lamented.

Cruise Control

With its Los Angeles offices undergoing renovation, Grey Advertising executives had to find other accommodations for making their final presentation to California Lottery officials. The agency borrowed a conference room at the nearby Petersen Automotive Museum. The backdrop of the vintage autos must have been a plus–the agency won the $20-30 million account.

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