Adweek Diary: New England

Ready or Not

The creative team at Arnold Communications that worked up to the last minute on new broadcast commercials for Fleet Financial Group suddenly found itself with one less player; Todd Riddle disappeared to join his wife at the hospital, where she was giving birth. Instead the team headed up by Arnold creative director Jay Williams toiled through the night to finish up the spot in the ‘Ready When You Are’ campaign. Because Williams had to wrap up the editing at Pisces Productions, the task of presenting some of the finished work to Fleet marketing executives fell to Arnold management supervisor Denise Thorne Johnson, who joined the agency from BankBoston’s The Private Bank about six months ago when the campaign was in development. Riddle’s copywriting partner at Arnold, Mark Nardi, is also a new daddy.

Mary, Queen of Shoes

Ask Mintz & Hoke chairman Joe Hoke what he thinks is unusual about recently appointed chief operating officer Mary Farrell. It’s something other than Farrell’s business acumen. ‘Shoes,’ Hoke said during a recent interview. ‘She likes shoes. She really likes shoes,’ said Hoke, stopping short of comparing Farrell to Imelda Marcos. Apparently, Farrell’s office is adorned with Victorian shoe posters in addition to myriad pairs of the real thing. The fact that her boss pointed out her passion for footwear does not faze Farrell. ‘It’s true,’ she admitted.

Downtown Story

High-tech advertising agency DRK last week sent out a postcard announcing its move from 101 Summer St. to 211 Congress St. in Boston. Even the agency admitted, however, that it probably should not have bothered. The old and new digs are only a few blocks apart in downtown Boston. The notice points out that despite the new address, the 20-person agency retains the ‘Same phone. Same fax. Same e-mail and web (address). Please take a minute right now and update your records.’

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New England